Wilson Ave. School Wins Anti-Litter Poster Contest

Wilson Avenue School Wins IBID’s Throwback Virtual Anti-Litter Poster Contest

Ironbound Business Improvement DistrictThe Wilson Avenue School earned the most votes to win the Ironbound Business Improvement District (IBID) Throwback Virtual Anti-Litter Poster Contest. The other finalists were the Ann Street, Hawkins Street and Oliver Street Schools. Wilson Avenue School will receive a commemorative trophy; the remaining finalists, commemorative plaques, courtesy of the IBID. More than 300 votes were cast online and through social media. Lafayette Street School, the only Ironbound school to complete and submit a new concept before the pandemic shutdown, will also be recognized for their efforts.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the IBID decided to present the 2020 contest virtually to determine the Best of the Best from all of the previous year’s winning posters. One lucky winner who voted will receive a $100 Ironbound Dining Gift Certificate for their participation.

“Wilson Avenue School’s concept was originally submitted in 2010 and is just as relevant today as it was then,” noted Seth A. Grossman, the IBID’s Executive Director. “Unfortunately, the same issues remain in the Ironbound District with improper trash disposal, littering and illegal dumping that inspired the contest almost two decades ago and, sadly, it is still needed as a reminder to our community today,” Grossman concluded.

The IBID has continued the Anti-Litter Poster Contest with students from the Ironbound’s public and private schools because a dynamic live, work, play neighborhood needs every member of the community, from residents to business owners and workers to visitors, to work together to help keep the district clean and welcoming. And that means following the rules when it comes to garbage disposal, recycling, and bulk collection.

The IBID will be printing thousands of postcards featuring Wilson Avenue School’s winning artwork plus the City of Newark’s 2020 Trash, Bulk & Recycling Schedule for distribution throughout the Ironbound District.

IBID President Manny Lopes, owner of Lopes & Son Hardware on Ferry Street, says the pandemic has negatively impacted the community, but the Ironbound will continue to be recognized as a great place to live, to open a business and to enjoy shopping and dining in local stores and restaurants. “It has never been more important for all of the Ironbound’s stakeholders to work together to help keep the Ironbound clean,” Lopes concluded.

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