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Which Businesses May Reopen?

For clarification on which types of businesses may reopen, the State has prepared a list with relevant restrictions and links to more resources. It is important to keep a close eye on these developments on both the business and general public information pages as conditions change.

Guidance for Office Openings

If your business is not a retail business, your office has been allowed to be open throughout the emergency, though you must let your workers work from home whenever possible, and this guidance has not changed. If you are opening your office for any workers who cannot work from home, you are advised to follow OSHA’s workplace guidance and CDC’s business guidance. 

Limits on Gatherings Raised

Limits on indoor and outdoor gatherings have been raised, effective immediately. Indoor gatherings are permitted at 25% of a building’s capacity or 50 persons, whichever is lower. Outdoor gatherings are limited to 100 persons, with an exception allowing for more for First Amendment-protected outdoor activity, including political protests or outdoor religious services. Also, starting June 22, outdoor swimming pools can open, provided they comply with standards and policies that will be issued by the Department of Health. While gatherings such as parties, conferences, and social events are allowed at limited capacities and for commercial purposes, all other business closures and capacity limitations remain in effect. Increased gathering limits do not open any businesses that remain closed.

Employee Health & Safety Protections

As the New Jersey economy reopens, many workers have questions about unemployment benefits, workplace health and safety, and caregiving. The information below will help explain whether benefits may still be available in certain scenarios, and describe some of the laws that employees should be aware of as they return to work.

COVID-19 Or Not, NJBAC Is Open for Business Assistance

As the state begins to reopen in phases, we understand some companies are turning their attention back to business issues that existed prior to the pandemic. Regardless of you questions, NJBAC is here to help. Do you have concerns about COVID-19 policies, your business’ own move toward recovery, or something completely unrelated to the coronavirus and impacting your company? Please call us at 1-800-JERSEY-7 or visit us online at nj.gov/state/bac.

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