Students from Lafayette Street and Wilson Avenue Schools Take Top Prizes in 17th Annual Ironbound Anti-Litter Poster Contest

Ironbound Business Improvement District

Wilson Avenue School Art Teacher Antonio Rios, students Bruna Lina Barbosa, Davi Chaves, Maylet Guaman Ortiz, Kaylee Guayllasaca-Pizarro and Liomaris Nunez, Principal Margarita Hernandez, IBID Ex. Dir. Seth A. Grossman.

Artwork will be featured on postcards providing information about trash pick-up, recycling and waste disposal regulations.

Students from the Wilson Avenue School used a striking image of an eye focused on a clean Ironbound, based on French Surrealist Painter René Magritte’s False Mirror, as the centerpiece of their poster. Bright and engaging colors plus some strategic ideas on how to keep the Ironbound clean drove the design submitted by students from the Lafayette Street School.

Their efforts were selected, based on votes from the Ironbound Business Improvement District (IBID) Management Corp., as the winners of the 17th Annual Ironbound Anti-Litter Poster Contest in the First to Fourth Grade and Fifth to Eighth Grade categories. The contest was sponsored by 3rd Space, a new co-working space recently opened in the neighborhood. The contest was also supported by East Ward Councilman Augusto Amador and the City of Newark.

Dozens of entries were submitted by schools throughout the Ironbound community. Leysly Roldan, IBID Office Manager, coordinated the contest with the schools. The contest supports the IBID’s “Let’s Work Together to Keep the Ironbound Clean” community initiative.

The winning team from Wilson Avenue School included Bruna Lina Barbosa, Davi Chaves, Maylet Guaman Ortiz, Kaylee Guayllasaca-Pizarro and Liomaris Nunez. The students were supported by Art Teacher Antonio Rios and Principal Margarita Hernandez.

Ironbound Business Improvement District

IBID Board Member Renator Baptista, Lafayette Street School students Daren Crespo, Melissa Figueiredo, Sophia Brandao, Britney Almendariz and Domenic Ochoa, Art Teacher Mrs. Tejada and Community Engagement Representative Olga Malacre. Not pictured Principal: Maria Merlo.

The winning team from Lafayette Street School included Daren Crespo, Melissa Figueiredo, Sophia Brandao, Britney Almendariz and Domenic Ochoa. They were supported by Art Teacher Mrs. Tejada, Principal Maria Merlo and Community Engagement Representative Olga Malacre.

Lafayette Street School’s Melissa Figueiredo said the design and bright colors were important, but the team felt their poster needed to do more to make a difference for a clean Ironbound. “We wanted to provide examples of what people can do to help,” Figueiredo pointed out.

Her response was an important factor behind 3rd Space’s decision to get involved in the contest for the first time, noted community manager Kenneth Miles, who also serves as an at-large member of the IBID’s board of directors. “By its nature, co-working is all about a supportive community, and we believe a clean community is good for our business and the Ironbound,” Miles added.

Miles joined fellow board member Renato Baptista and IBID Executive Director Seth A. Grossman at the awards presentation event to congratulate the students, teachers and faculty, plus friends and family.

“A clean community helps communicate to people who live, work or visit the Ironbound that our district is a safe and welcoming place,” concluded Seth A. Grossman, the IBID’s Executive Director. “We have found that children are often the most effective at understanding and advocating for the correct choices when it comes to the right way to dispose of garbage, manage recycling and regulated waste disposal.”

To that end, Grossman reminded local business and commercial property owners that, as noted in a recent letter from Public Works Department Director Khalif Thomas, the City of Newark, by ordinance, will no longer collect trash or recycling from any business in the city.

Businesses are required to have a valid Trade Waste Permit and will be fined if they do not have and display the permit or leave trash and/or recycling uncollected. As a supplemental service provider to the City of Newark, the same rules apply to the IBID’s street maintenance team regarding collection and disposal.

The IBID will print thousands of postcards featuring the work of the winning students for distribution in Ironbound schools and display in the storefront windows of merchants and restaurants throughout the Ironbound District. The postcards provide information about the Ironbound District’s trash pick-up and recycling schedules as well as rules and regulations regarding waste disposal.

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