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Ironbound Business Improvement District

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Historically, women have been at the forefront of every movement in history—even the ones they try to hide from us. Women have always been there. The economic resurgence or “renaissance” happening in Newark is no different. I am clear on the disparities women face in the workplace, in business, and in life overall. Yet, we persevere consistently. Even as I type, there’s another hashtag being created to give women a voice. For far too long we’ve been silenced. I want you and I to be the change, to realize your power.

As women in business, sisters in business, we have to do more than “boss up.” We have to reach back grab our fellow sister and offer guidance, education, mentorship, and connection so that can continue to thrive in this growing economy. The future is feminine, there’s no doubt about this. Women are the fastest growing business-owners nationwide and here in Newark, at least 20% of our local businesses are woman-owned and operated. Ladies, as the City itself undergoes a renaissance, it’s critical that we are a part of that, that we harness the momentum and take a seat at at the proverbial table. This event embodies the Progression of Women in the Economic Resurgence.

Every month is Women’s Month! It is time to celebrate our milestones. As women, we nurture more than each other…we nurture innovation and ideas. In my work as the CEO of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, I see our contribution to this community through countless businesses, social movements, and organizations. Our growth in this City is the inspiration behind this event. I’ve reached out to some of the City’s power players who have cultivated their businesses and the businesses of others. They know how to navigate this terrain and want to impart with you the knowledge to grow, scale, or pivot your business in the direction it needs.

Maybe it’s a matter of a barter/exchange or someone linking you with a resource you need to push forward or launch a project, P.O.W.E.R. was designed for that purpose and more. Seeking seed money? We’ve included a pitch competition where three businesses have a chance to win startup funds, which is what every business, no matter the longevity, needs.

I’m excited for P.O.W.E.R. as it is set to bring women from all industries and backgrounds into one room. That is the definition of POWER. Join me on Thursday April, 26th for an afternoon of empowerment, engagement, sisterhood, and money moves. Become a PowerPartner and save 25%.

I look forward to networking with you. Reclaim your P.O.W.E.R.

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