Ironbound Update – August 26, 2020

Ironbound Business Improvement District
Ironbound Business Improvement District

It’s hard to remember a time as difficult as this year, 2020. COVID-19 and other issues have literally stopped our economy for months and forced us to be creative. This at a time when Newark and the Ironbound are undergoing a remarkable degree of investment as people discover our great location, transportation and technological capacity, cultural riches, and vibrancy.

Before COVID, and even today, development of market and luxury apartments as well as moderate and affordable housing was booming. New people, new markets and excitement was building. And, it seems to be continuing for the reasons that started it. Also, people from New York City are leaving for better living conditions. We believe that in 5-years and certainly 10-years, the Ironbound specifically and Newark in general will grow dramatically and successfully. It’s a good time to invest in Newark.

The IBID is launching a Live-Work-Play theme to its advertising and marketing communications to highlight our advantages. Additionally, in partnership with the City, we continue to improve safety and cleanliness, and encourage the community to do the same. No one person or agency can do it all including the City. We must all work together to keep the Ironbound clean and safe and fun.

We have come a long way, been extraordinarily successful, and are one of the great vibrant neighborhoods in the City of Newark and our region. Everyone knows us and enjoys our community. Let’s embrace the future, continue to grow, and develop, while caring for the health and well-being of all. The Ironbound has always been a welcoming place for newcomers from around the world to live, to work and for thousands of visitors every year. We need everyone. Old and new.

Seth A. Grossman, Executive Director
Manual Lopes, President
Ironbound Business Improvement District

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