IBID Invests in Ironbound Streetscape with New Planters

Ironbound Business Improvement DistrictThe Ironbound Business Improvement District (IBID) purchased and installed 50 new decorative planters on Wilson Avenue and East Ferry Street in May. An additional 20 garbage cans were also purchased and are expected to be installed before the end of June.

This initiative reflects the ongoing investment by the IBID in improvements and enhancements to the district’s streetscape that make the Ironbound a clean, safe and welcoming place for residents and visitors alike.

“In addition to the supplemental cleaning services the IBID provides, the planters, garbage cans, decorative light fixtures, banners and other streetscape elements represent a significant investment by the IBID in the district,” noted Seth A. Grossman, IBID executive director. “These efforts communicate to local business owners and residents, as well as visitors, that the district is well-managed and a desirable place to live, to work, to shop and dine and to invest.”

Zelia Prata, manager of the Garden State Community Bank branch office on Wilson Avenue and an IBID board member, said the addition of the new planters was a welcome sight. “The streetscape is clean and well-maintained with the IBID’s help, and the flowers add color and beauty to the neighborhood,” concluded Laura Cruz, president of the Mundial Agency on Wilson Avenue.

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