Construction Work Resumes On Ferry Street Project

NEWARK, N.J., August 28, 2009 – The Ironbound Business Improvement District (IBID) is getting the word out that work has resumed on the Ferry Street streetscape redevelopment project.  Construction restarted on Monday, August 24th to complete Phase 1A of the Ferry Street Streetscape Project between Jefferson and Madison Streets that began last fall.  The work is being done by Berto Construction of Newark.

While this phase of construction is being completed, cars and buses will be detoured at Jefferson Street between 7 AM and 5 PM to maintain safety in the construction area.  West bound traffic towards Downtown Newark will be permitted.

In addition, Mayor Cory Booker and Councilman Augusto Amador worked with the Newark Municipal Council, Urban Enterprise Zone Authority and the IBID to obtain over $3 million dollars in additional state funding for the streetscape project.  Construction for Phase 1B, which will start at Polk Street and move up to Madison Street, will begin in late September 2009.  There will also be detours during this phase of construction to maintain safety, but where possible traffic flow will be maintained. For the holiday season, construction will again be suspended between Thanksgiving on November 26, 2009 and New Year’s Day 2010.  Construction for this phase is expected to be completed by Spring 2010.

Tony Almeida, the owner of Lisbon Wine & Liquors at 114 Ferry Street, said while construction activity can be inconvenient to people who live, work or visit the Ironbound, the streetscape project is an investment in the future of the district. “While construction is ongoing, we are experiencing the most difficult part of the process but I believe it will pay dividends,” said Almeida.
The IBID is the community’s liaison with the City and the project’s contractors. “If you need information or experience construction-related problems such as excessive noise and dirt, blockage of your building, injury or unsafe conditions, we urge you to contact us immediately so that corrective action or assistance can take place,” said Seth A. Grossman, IBID executive director. “Business and commercial property owners, residents and visitors can contact the IBID at 973-491-9191973-491-9191 or email nwkibid@aol.com throughout the streetscape reconstruction effort.”

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