Construction Suspended on Ferry Street-Streetscape Project for the Holidays

“Phase One of the streetscape project is fully funded,” said Councilman Augusto Amador. The streetscape project includes new sidewalks, trees, trash cans, curbs, lights, traffic lights, bike racks, planters, and designated crosswalks. Loading zones and bus stops will also be redesigned. “We are currently working on funding for Phase Two, Merchant Street to Christie Street as well as Phase Three, which is the renovation of Peter Francisco Park,” said Seth A. Grossman, Executive Director of the Ironbound Business Improvement District (IBID).

Businesses have been patient with the construction and detours. “This is not a painless process, but the results are looking great,” said Steven Yglesias, President of the IBID and owner of Mompou Tapas Bar and Grill. “MKW Associates of Rutherford, NJ, who designed the project, and Berto Construction of Newark, NJ are experts in streetscapes and work closely with the City, the IBID, and the community to make this project a reality,” Yglesias added.

Ironbound Business Improvement District

“The Ironbound is changing for the better, and as one of the City’s leading dining, shopping and entertainment destinations the district is at the forefront of progress in Newark,” Grossman pointed out.”Our business district remains competitive and is simply one of the great values of New Jersey,” he added. “There’s nothing like Christmas in the Ironbound.”

If you have any questions about the Ferry Street – Streetscape project, please call the IBID at 973-491-9191973-491-9191, or email to nwkibid@aol.com.

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