The current budget of $840,000 is summarized as follows:


Business Development ($87,000): Planning and development of business recruitment and retention efforts including marketing, parking, arts center, market research, and Peter Francisco Park improvements.

Promotions & Special Events ($41,000):
Planning, sponsorship, or co-sponsorship of numerous events, ethnic, arts, and business oriented festivals and parades including but not limited to: Ironbound Unbound, publications, Multicultural Festival, Day of Portugal Festival, Halloween Parade, Poetry Month, and other special events.

Public Relations & Advertising ($176,350):
Promote and market the district as a premier destination to shop and conduct business. Support the NewarkBound magazine. Advertisement, newsletters, articles, website and social media, and communications.

Quality of Life and Safe & Clean Program ($284,000):
Sidewalk and environmental cleaning services. Graffiti removal, vendor support and monitoring, liaison with Newark Police and Fire Depts., tunnel painting and maintenance, landscaping, sign removal, code violations monitoring support, community safety programming.


Administration ($149,500): Administrative personnel, support staff, management services, and payroll expense.

General Administration ($102,150): Certified accountant, bookkeeper, auditor, legal services, office and computer supplies and equipment, rent, insurances, postage, Internet and telephone services, repairs, fees, dues training, and subscriptions.